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Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

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Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s short term girlfriend but long time associate and had been under investigation for aiding him with the recruitment of minors. She has been explicitly named in multiple women’s lawsuits that have been abused by Epstein. 

Before August 2019, Epstein was charged with multiple charges considering he ran a sex trafficking ring where he paid girls as young as 14 years to have sex with him in his home at the Upper East Side, Santa fe Ranch, London residence, and Palm Beach. He also worked with associates, like Maxwell, to manipulate girls to his houses, also while paying some of his victims to lure other girls to fall prey as well. 

After Epstein allegedly killed himself, public interest sparked and the pressure was on to find out who was assisting him and sweeping all of his actions under the rug. While at first, she got away with denying any wrongdoing and calling the women naming her; “liars”, she was eventually arrested Thursday morning, July 2nd 2020, and charged with six counts in connection with an ongoing investigation into Epstein’s accomplices. 

Those six counts include charges of enticement and conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, transportation and conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and two counts of perjury, all based on the federal indictment unsealed Thursday. 

Also in the indictment, it is identified that Maxwell was the main recruiter of the victims. She would meet a girl, take interest in her and her life, take her shopping or to the movies, and make her feel special. Then, after making the girls comfortable enough around her, she would begin talking to them about sexual topics and undressing in front of them, and then lure them to give Epstein massages; where they were either partially or fully nude. These massages would usually develop into forced sexual encounters, where Epstein would basically rape the girls. 

Federal prosecutors in New York are afraid to face the legal hurdle which consists of Epstein signing a non-prosecution agreement in Florida, 2007, that seems to have immunized his accomplices. While Maxwell wasn’t a part of the four person list of accomplices, the document did say “including, but not limited to”, which her lawyers might argue that she’s included in. 

As for her perjury charges, in 2016 as part of a deposition in a civil litigation, Maxwell denied ever giving anyone from the minors a massage and said that she was unaware of Epstein having any sexual relations with anyone other than herself while they were together. Also, when she was asked about Epstein’s “scheme to recruit underage girls for sexual massages,” she replied with “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

By Bana Habash

K-POP Idol Kim Yohan Dead at 28

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Kim Yohan has passed away June 16th, Yohan’s record label as confirmed the death, but has not confirmed how the star has passed.

Yohan was a member of the Korean boy band group, TST. The singer, whose real name is Kim Jeong-Hwan, was 28 years old.

In a statement reported by Korea Times, TST’s agency KJ Music Entertainment said: “We have come to tell everyone very sad and heartbreaking news. TST member Yohan passed away on June 16.

“The bereaved family is in great sadness. We sincerely ask the media to refrain from spreading rumours and speculation on Yohan’s cause of death.

“We would like to send our deepest condolences to Yohan as [he] goes on.”

Further details regarding his death have not been confirmed. The label has not responded to any comments as of yet.

Fans were completely shocked by the news, as the pop star had only recently celebrated his birthday. The fans have been mourning the loss of Yohan on social media, where they have been paying tribute to the late star with touching messages all over SNS (social networking site).

Some fan comments are as follows:
“Thank you so much Yohan for sharing your beautiful smile and talent with us, i hope you’re in a better place,” one fan tweet read.

“I’m sad that such a beautiful person is gone but you will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for everything, rest in peace.”

Yohan’s last post on Instagram included a series of photos of him with the caption: I want to travel.

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Yohan’s death comes after the loss of other K-pop stars including Goo Hara and Sulli, 28 and 25 respectively.

by Clara Kim

Black Lives Matter: 5 Films You Can Watch Now

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This past week we have seen protests in every state of the country, regarding racial inequality and the fight for justice of Black lives. The unjust deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Armaud Arbury are just a few names that have sparked the outcries of the nation. Sometimes, it is hard for non- blacks to understand the fear blacks have for just doing everyday things because it could mean death for us. However, some filmmakers such as Jordan Peele have created movies that depict the America blacks live in, that gives others a peek inside some common injustices we encounter systematically. Below is a list of films that depict our reality and that can educate non-blacks on how to help.

1. When they See Us

2. 13th

3. Get Out

4. Fruitville Station

5. Freedom Writers

by Kayla Lowe

Not So Full of “Glee”

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Recently, the year 2020 has been dubbed one of the worst. From the worldwide pandemic that killed almost four hundred thousand people to the unlawful murder of George Floyd, 2020 has most certainly, already changed us. Amidst all of the turmoil, celebrities have been trying to be vocal on social media and also donate funds to reputable organizations to not only help support those experiencing the Coronavirus but more recently, aid the fight for racial equality following the death of an innocent black man by a police officer. Big names like Kanye West have pledged to set up a college fund for the victim’s daughter and others like Ariana Grande, Halsey, and Machine Gun Kelly, have been marching in the protests and standing as an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Glee star and expecting mother, Lea Michele brought her support to twitter tweeting out a generic statement. Shockingly, an old costar, Samatha Marie Ware. She responded to Michele’s tweet calling her out for her mistreatment towards her costars and other extras during their time on Glee. This was just the start for Lea. Although some who worked with Lea claimed that she never acted in such a manner, numerous other celebrities like Monica Moskatow, Hailee Steinfeld, and Abigail Breslin spoke out about their nasty encounters with Lea Michele.

If you ever were a fan of Glee you would know that Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were an item. It pleased the fan base to know it was also true in real life. When Cory passed away, Michele was devastated and always spoke so highly of his spirit and character. While that may be true for him, Monica Moskatow who was hired as a lookalike for Lea Michele, shared he was quick to be there for her when Michele called Moskatow ugly. Moskatow retells the story and highlights how she would never forget Cory Monteith’s quickness to comfort her after the rude comment, almost like it wasn’t atypical of Michele to say.
Hailee Steinfeld got to see the true Lea as well, although not as bad when she dissed Steinfed twice on different occasions. Steinfield explained how she was a huge fan of Michele and was shocked to get the cold-hearted response she did.

As for Abigail Breslin, she was Lea Michele’s co-star on Scream Queens and she decided to speak out about her opinion. She was seen liking many tweets that called out Michele and even replied to one saying that she had felt off about Michele for years and even would say it!

All in all, Lea Michele may be an infamous and well-liked singer and actress, but the recent stories and accusations that came to light may be a hindrance to that. Her partnership with HelloFresh has unfortunately been terminated due to the circumstances but we know she can learn and grow from this as a well-respected icon. 

by Grace Lawton

“I Got Catfished” Troye Sivan pranked by the same fake Greta Thunberg as Prince Harry

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On March 26, Troye Sivan shared his hilarious story of being catfished by Russian hackers who also pranked Prince Harry and Bernie Sanders.

In the vlog, Troye Sivan explained that his manager was connected by the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg’s dad who would like to work with Troye on a new project. The 24-year-old singer was so excited and gave his one hundred percent “of course” towards this terrific cooperation. After Troye got the phone number of “Greta”, he messaged her on WhatsApp and said “Hey Greta, it’s Troye Sivan here. Just wanted to say how incredible the work is that you’re doing – I’m so inspired by you. Here to help however I can.” The content of which is now reposted by many on Twitter to poke fun at this funny story.  After few days without any response from “Greta”, Troye’s manager started to feel confused about why Greta’s dad spoke English so badly while they were on the phone, so she went to watch and listen to interviews of him and it turned out that the man she had a phone call with was not Greta’s dad!

After Troye knew the truth, the fake Greta showed up and responded to the message by saying “So, how are you?” which was used by a lot of people yesterday and today making fun of Troye on Twitter and Instagram.

Troye found later that these Russian hackers also got Bernie Sanders and Prince Harry, and they were going around pretending to be Greta Thunberg.

About the whole ridiculous stuff, Troye concluded, “It just completely mortified me and made me want to die, and also made me cry laughing.”

By Shengdan Jin

Wait… Who Got the Last Rose?

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There is always drama on the Bachelor/Bachelorette series but this week there seems to be even more drama off the screen than on! ABC has announced the new Bachelorette- Clare Crawley. Clare is a past contestant of the Bachelor series, although her presence may have been overshadowed by other contestants in the past. Past Bachelorette Hannah Brown has established her presence in the media with witty comments and stylish red carpet appearances. Her counterpart Tyler Cameron has also made his own name recently in dating famous model Gigi Hadid.

If you didn’t already know, during the last episode of Hannah Brown’s season, she chose Jedd Wyatt over Tyler Cameron as the man who would receive her final rose and become her fiancé. Everyone thought that’d be the last we saw of Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron, but the people were wrong! Seen earlier this week getting off a flight in Florida, Brown and Cameron have been getting rather close since their season’s reunion. To further fuel the rumor mill about possible happenings between Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown, Cameron posted on his Tik Tok confirming that they were in fact self quarantined… together!. That is a lot of time to be spent together, perfect for talking through why Hannah Brown didn’t choose Tyler Cameron in the first place.

By Jocelyn Colón

The One where Brad and Jen Reunite

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The SAG Awards, which occurred on January 20, 2020 has been all anyone has been able to talk about and has gone viral on social media. The reasoning for that? The reunion between exes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Fans were shocked and intrigued by the photographs of their intimate reunion after the two split in 2005 when Brad had an affair with co-star Angelina Jolie. If the photo of their reunion wasn’t enough to make fans crazed, an additional photo of Pitt surfaced, as he is captured watching Aniston in awe as she accepts her award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for “The Morning Show.” Aniston wasn’t the only one honored through the night, Pitt took home the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role for “Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood”

By Catherine Leone

Epic New Year’s Eve Bash
Tues 12/31 at Karvouna Mezze

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We’re throwing a party and you’ll have a blast! As we bring in the New Year and say goodbye to the last! Join us for New Year’s Eve as we bring in 2020 at Karvouna Mezze in NYC. In celebration of the new year and the film “3 Days Rising” starring Ice T, Peter Greene and Mickey Rourke; we will be hosting an unforgettable night filled with entertainment, drinks and dancing. In attendance will be Noel Ashman, Bonnie Somerville, Joseph D’Onofrio, Renoly Santiago, Angel Salazar, John Gungie Rivera, Bo Dietl, Vincent Young and Jasmin St. Claire. Dance the night away with special live performances by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Legend, Grandmaster Melle Mel, DJ Lee Kalt, DJ Joel Bell and a live Medusa Show. Doors open at 9 pm followed by an open bar until 11 pm and a champagne toast at midnight. We promise you won’t want to miss out on this amazing night, see you there!

Purchase Your Tickets at:

By Catherine Leone

Love of Music

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Who runs the world? Girls! Yesterday, 2/10 , Los Angeles, California hosts the 61st Annual Grammy Awards at the Staple Centre. This years Grammy’s was especially one to remember, as the women dominate in some of the major categories like, Album of the Year, Best Rap Album, Best New Artist and more. As we celebrated Diana Ross’ 75th birthday,  Jennifer Lopez faced quite a bit of criticism for her Motown tribute. These were just some highlights of the 2019 Gammy’s.

The big winners of the night were H.E.R, Drake, Childish Gambino, Cardi B, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and more. Cardi B took home Best Rap Album, and a lot of people weren’t happy about it, including Ariana Grande. Drake won Best Rap Song, but with the room filled with music legends and first-timers, Alicia Keys emphasized the overarching theme of the award ceremony: to share in the love of music.

by Ashley Kate Martin

“Sound of Fashion” Runway Shows Taiwanese Designer, Sami Chen of HappyFish Fashion along with the beautiful Miss America, Nia Franklin to benefit the Cristian Rivera Foundation.

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Miss America, Nia Franklin walks the runway  today, in this weeks opening event for the 2019 NYFW. For the first time, 25-year old, Nia Franklin walks alongside Life Size Robots. This rare found idea was put to life by CRF proud supporter and talented Taiwanese Fashion Designer, Sami Chen of HappyFish Fashion. Todays show is in honour of The Cristian Rivera Foundation and all proceeds will help further our search for a cure for DIPG.