“Latinx” is Not Helping the Democrat Party

People from Latin America, or people of Latin American decent, are often referred to as “Latinos” if there are men involved in the group. In all female groups, they would be called “Latinas.” Democrats have recently tried to change this by only using a single term, “Latinx,” but it does not seem to be working for them.

If you know anything about the Spanish language, you might know that nouns are all assigned to either the masculine or the feminine. The masculine takes over when there is a mix of males and females involved rather than breaking it up into two descriptions. This has worked for the language for quite a while, but that has not stopped people from trying to fix it.

Using the “x” at the end makes it all gender neutral to avoid implying that the role of the man is more important than the acknowledgement of the female. However, a recent poll is showing that this is actually more likely to turn away Hispanic voters than to draw them in. The poll collected that 2% of the people this label applies to preferred Latinx over other options such as Hispanic or Latino/a, according to Marc Caputo and Sabrina Rodriguez from Politico.

Not only does the majority not support it, many are even offended by the attempt to change the nature of their native language. Hispanic voters are already showing shifts to the Republican party, and Democrats cannot afford to lose more Hispanic voters over something that could have been avoided altogether.

This might always be a dividing issue considering that terms like “Hispanic” are not favored by everyone either, but that 98% disapproval of “Latinx” suggests Democrats may need to return to the drawing board on this issue.


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