Let’s Talk about Mask Acne

As the coronavirus spreads, many are finding that their lifestyle is changing in several ways. From having to quarantine to social distancing, everyone is learning that a new level of caution is necessary. One major thing that we all must learn to adapt to is wearing masks. While it does keep us safe and can be a new fashion statement, many can attest to that fact that mask acne or (as some call it) “maskne” is a real issue. Wearing a facial covering that traps in dirt and bacteria can lead to pesky breakouts and an overall sweaty feeling. Even though it may seem impossible to combat this, there are different ways to minimize the damage masks have on your skin.

The first option is simply using facial wipes at home and on the go. Taking a quick break, away from people of course, and wiping the bacteria off your face can ensure that unnecessary dirt is not getting trapped on your skin. The Honest Company and Burt’s Bees are two great companies that sell natural and refreshing face wipes.

Another way to lower the risk of mask acne is to avoid using makeup on the lower region of your face. When using makeup, you take on the risk of trapping dirt in your pores and adding a face mask to the equation can lead to an acne disaster. If you are finding that you are in the mood to leave the house with a full face of makeup, it is recommended that you go light on the makeup that will go underneath your mask. This includes not using a heavy foundation or all-natural powders.

A more obvious way to reduce mask acne is to use extra moisturizer if you tend to have drier skin. Ultra-dry skin is already a breeding ground for acne and having a mask on with dry skin can be detrimental to acne-prone skin. Some fan-favorite moisturizers include CeraVe and some Clean and Clear products.

Although there are ways to prevent mask acne, it can unfortunately still happen. This is where acne medication comes in handy.  One new trend is pimple patches. With pimple patches you simply put the patch on your annoying pimple, and it can supposedly reduce the size of the problem area. Additionally, it is never a bad idea to give your dermatologist a visit.  After all, they are the experts! Regardless of what precautions you take to help your skin, we are all in this struggle together, and mask wearing is incredibly important.


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