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As I wear my 2012 pair of Olympic 7 sneakers, I wonder what, if any, will be the next pair of original Jordans to come out that will be highly sought after? I can’t remember the last pair of non-re-release Jordans that even appealed to me. It is hard enough for people who don’t care for “fresh kicks” to get the concept of spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of sneakers, or for anyone at all to fathom the merciless killings that have occurred over high end shoes, but for sneakers that come out every couple of years or even months? It truly is baffling. When Jordans first came out in the 80’s they were the coolest things in the world for some. Many thought that they would allow you to play somewhat as good as Mike himself (crazy right?). MJ was such a god amongst “ballers” at that time that it seemed worth a shot. Now almost 30 years later people are purchasing re-releases of the very first pair.
I admittedly felt just a little bit foolish camping in the cold from 3am-10am for a pair of sneakers, but the experience and money saved (the sneaker resale industry is becoming nearly as lucrative as Jordan himself) made me feel better. As dreadful as getting to a store six hours before opening is, or how intimidating being the one hundred and somethingth person in line can be, the most daunting is waiting those six-seven hours in the cold to realize that you are not getting a pair. Fortunately I have huge feet and was able to get the second to last pair (size 13), but for the hundred plus people behind me the ordeal was an agonizing waste of time. How long will the people at the Jordan company be able to get away with duping “sneaker heads” into buying the same sneakers literally over and over again? At this rate it could be forever, especially when even as I write this and want to kick myself for it, I wonder how I’m gonna get my hands on the Bred 11’s!


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