Lily Allen Gets Frank About Pop Return

British singer Lily Allen is set to make her comeback this month with her highly-anticipated new album Sheezus. The “Smile” songstress recently spoke to Glamour about the real reasons for her return to music, which came after taking a few years off to get married and have two children. “I wasn’t good at staying at home all day, it didn’t suit me,” she told the magazine. “I’m creative, it’s just who I am… I missed the positive feedback about my music from my fans. I missed the rush of performing. I missed the free clothes and handbags and the good tables in posh restaurants. I did!” Well at least she’s honest! Along with all of the perks of being a pop star, Allen is also getting her fair share of controversy after videos for single like “Hard in Here” show a less-than-sunny take on what it’s like to be a woman in the industry. Will all the buzz be converted into sales or will Allen’s fans say “It’s Not Me, It’s You?” We’ll find out when Sheezus is released on May 6.


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