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Lindsay Lohan Named Latest Host on Saturday Night Live’s Hottest Season

Saturday Night Live has been on a hot streak this season with plenty of first-time hosts, talked-about musical performances (hello, Lana Del Rey) and unexpected guest cameos. Just this past week, the hilarious and multi-talented Justin Timberlake showed up for not one but two cameos, including a very funny takedown of recent Grammy winner Bon Iver. Amy Pohler showed up for some “Bronx Beat,” and even Fox News host Bill O’Reilly made an appearance on Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee Member Kenan Thompson’s popular sketch “What Up With That?” Even if you haven’t been keeping up with SNL this season, you won’t want to miss the next new episode on March 3 when the host will be none other than Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay’s been spending more time in the courts than on the movie sets lately. Has she still got it? And will she be willing to make fun of herself in light of all her recent troubles? We’ll find out March 3.


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