Lollapalooza 2022 Recap

This year’s Lollapalooza music festival seemed to be a hit for anyone and everyone who
went. With amazing performances from Metallica, Dua Lipa, Wallows, and J Hope, this
year’s music festival was one for the books.

Metallica brought on the heat, and the crowd couldn’t seem to get enough of them. The
headliner drew in crowds of heavy metal fans, and judging by the amount of Metallica
shirts that everyone was wearing, it was the most anticipated set of the festival. The
band performed a bunch of material for old fans as well as catering to younger audience
members who might include some ‘Stranger Things’ fans. The band played ‘Master of
Puppets’ with a tribute to Eddie Munson from the hit Netflix series, who performs the
song in the show.

If anyone can bring on an amazing performance it’s Dua Lipa herself. Dua Lipa had one
of the largest crowds in the whole festival, according to reports. In a glittering skin tight
outfit, Dua Lipa shined onstage, performing recent and old hosts off of ‘Future
Nostalgia” and her debut self-titled album. She closed the set with “Don’t Start Now,”
culminating fireworks into the show.

Alternative rock band Wallows brought a chill but upbeat energy to the stage.

While J-Hope was a last minute replacement for Doja Cat, the BTS breakout star made
his debut solo performance Sunday night as the festival’s first South Korean headliner.
He also sold the most tickets in Lollapalooza’s decades-long history.

Another mentionable performance came from the british pop-star Charli XCX, who drew
in huge crowds with her high energy set. She dedicated her song ‘Boys’ to gay

audience members, and had fans engaged, clapping, and jumping along to other hits
like ‘Yuck’ and ‘Vroom Vroom.’

Headliner Green Day closed out the festival with rock music. The band rocked on
through a 25-song set, including a number of songs that hadn’t been played for as long
as 21 years.

According to Perry Farrel and SPIN, Lollapalooza is staying in Chicago for another 10
years. The fest is going nowhere and people can start making their summer plans for
the next decade now.


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