Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

London "GA STRONG" Against Coronavirus

At the beginning of the year our LONDON Chapter leader was hospitalized for an on going stomach disorder he’s had since serving in the Persian Gulf Campaign for the British against Iraq. They had to make multiple incisions into his stomach. His recovery took awhile as he was hospitalized. Marcus Suitor a.k.a. SCOOTER has had an ongoing pre-condition since 1991. And yet he felt he had to help his city during their Lockdown. The UK tried “Herd Immunity” first to ward off the spread of Corona Virus
in their country. It worked in Sweden but it did not work in the UK. Even the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came down with a serious case of Corona Virus that caused him to be hospitalized for weeks. London then went into a complete Lockdown.

But Scooter and Preacher hatched a plan to help. They collected food donations and prepared it for shut ins and the elderly who could not venture out to get their own. Scooter and Preacher then began to deliver it personally from Flat to Flat. The residents could not have been more grateful. Without the help of the London Guardian Angels they would have been in desperate straits. Many groups of Guardian Angels around the world, during this Corona Virus emergency have reached out to their cities to help in whatever way that they can. We will be bringing you their unique stories as we helpout globally and locally during this pandemic.

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