London Kicks Off Third Fashion Week of 2022

Following Copenhagen and New York, London launched the third fashion week of 2022 today. For the thirty-seventh year, London will showcase big names, up-and-coming artists, and celebrities both of the city’s own and from all over the world. Although London’s fashion week is among the four most famous, it is also the youngest, beginning only in 1984. Like all fashion weeks, it is a great way for the city to showcase its fashion scene to the world and has been an international starting point, for now, popular designers like Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano.

 As much as fashion week is a showcase for designers, it opens doors for models as well. London’s fashion week has debuted supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, both of which were only fifteen years old when they began their iconic careers. In 2020 the British Fashion Council decided to combine the men’s and women’s fashion weeks, creating a platform for unisex and gender-neutral designs to bridge the two together. Here is what to expect both new and old from this year’s London Fashion Week.

Sustainability has become something of a buzzword, but also an increasing and incredibly popular trend in fashion. In keeping with this, London’s shows will feature several sustainable designers. Spanish designer Javier Aparici started the week off strong with this brand SOHUMAN, which he quit a job in finance to create. His promise is to create transparency between his company and the factories creating the garments to reduce unethical production. Residents of the UK, Bethany Williams, and Richard Malone both create garments from materials otherwise deemed as waste.  Williams, whose show will take place on February 22nd, is a sustainable designer who creates garments using abandoned festival tents and book waste. Likewise, Malone utilizes scraps of leather, saving them from being discarded in a landfill, to create various items of clothing.

However, the show is also missing some designers many would have expected to attend including Burberry, Victoria Beckham, and Vivienne Westwood. Some artists who have chosen to skip this Fashion Week have announced plans to hold shows later this year. For example, Burberry has announced a show in March but gave no other details or explanation as to why. Similarly, many artists since the start of the pandemic have begun putting on online shows. Vivienne Westwood will be going this route instead of attending fashion week with an in-person show.

Keeping with this theme of limited contact, some designers like Roksanda Ilincic who is originally from Serbia, will be selling digital ownership of images in 3D of one of her designs. Large name brands such as Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana paved the way for this use of NFT’s in fashion prior, and it seems it may be sticking as a way to get involved in investing in fashion. Both Ilincic and the company she has partnered with, Clearpay, see it as a way to provide access to high-end fashion for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

However, designers aren’t the only thing to pay attention to this week, famous audience members and what they are wearing can also be just as intriguing, and photo-worthy. But not all of the photos from fashion week come from inside the show, or of famous people. Although a lot of fashion week is about the runway shows, another important side of it is the street style outside of these shows. Perhaps you’ve noticed your favorite fashion influencer off to NYC or London this year to get dressed up and walk around the city during fashion week. Although some may be invited to shows, for smaller creators this is a great way to be seen. TikToker Lily (@ ecb.jpg ) gained increased internet fame and even had her picture in Vogue, just by walking around Paris during the same week. This therefore highlighting the beauty of fashion week, the perfect display of high fashion and streetwear, reflective of its host city.

Image is Bethany Williams Design from LFWM in 2020


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