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Lori Harvey Has Launched Her New Skincare line “SKN”

Lori Harvey has entered into her newest endeavor; skincare. The 24-year-old beautiful model and influencer initially teased her new skincare line this past summer in an episode of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets. Harvey revealed that she had been hard at work developing her new skincare line. In a 15 second clip, she expressed that her big-screen heartthrob boyfriend, Micheal B. Jordan, was the “guinea pig” as he tested the skincare products on himself (Chivalry isn’t totally dead). 

“I test all of my products, of course, on myself. But I also test them on my boyfriend. He has become my live test model.” Harvey told Vogue’s Beauty Secrets.

In a Teen Vogue feature story, Harvey explained what inspired her new skincare line. “[Skincare] is something I’ve been in love with since I was a little girl. From watching my mom do her skincare routine in the mirror, I wanted to recreate her, look like how her skin was because her skin was always so glowy.” Harvey told Teen Vogue.

She further explained that she battled with various skin problems growing up. “I have a skin condition called rosacea, which makes your skin super red. [My skin] is super sensitive and can be irritated by any little thing and cause acne-like bumps.” Harvey expressed.

Harvey then began using harsh products on her skin to rid of the acne bumps that made her condition worse. The aftermath of an acne breakout is hyperpigmentation (dark spots). She explained that her hyperpigmentation was an issue in her modeling career as makeup artists packed on the foundation and concealer to mask the dark spots on her face.

Now the gorgeous skinned model has found a surefire solution to her skin troubles and is sharing it with the world. Harvey has constructed a 5-step skincare routine with her new line. These products include: SKN Goji Berry Cleanser ($38), SKN White Tea Toner ($35), SKN Vitamin C serum ($50), SKN Peptide Eye Complex ($45), SKN Niacinamide Cream ($38). SKN by Lori Harvey officially launched on Oct 22nd and completely sold out Oct 25th. The restock is set for November. Be on the lookout for the official date and be sure to set an alarm, because this skincare line is a hot commodity.

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