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Louis Vuitton drops a new ‘sandwich bag’ that costs $3,000

For quite a while, there have been unique fashion fads that take over the internet. Platform crocs, cropped sweaters, and one hundred different eyebrow trends are just a few of the recent fashion rages. Louis Vuitton and Pharrell Williams, record producer and designer, worked hand in hand to make a ‘sandwich bag’ bag, costing over $3,000.

The item was first offered for sale at a pop-up Louis Vuitton store, where it cost $3,130. Designer Williams drew inspiration from the timeless aesthetic of a classic brown paper bag. He brought a touch of luxury to the bag by using  orange cowhide leather. The bag’s appeal was then enhanced by the subtle contrast created by adding dark blue writing and fastenings. The final product was presented in the Pont Neuf in Paris last June, in a debut that highlighted the luxury and practicality in this piece.

Both the price and the design of the bag has prompted numerous reactions from people all across the internet. 

Comments like “I feel like designer brands are running out of hand these days don’t you guys think?” and “Gee. A Louis Vuitton ‘sandwich’ bag for more than $3000. On my current lean and mean budget, that’s like nearly two years worth of food for me.” float around in comment sections or discussions surrounding the bag.

However, this isn’t the first time that Louis Vuitton has received backlash for creating bizarre fashion items. After the announcement of their new boots that are designed to look like real human legs,  social media users had a lot to say.

One Instagram user wrote “I thought these boots were prosthetics” and another comment read “These boots are hideous.”

In addition to showcasing Louis Vuitton’s dedication to innovation, their unique and imaginative items appeal to a certain market that values high-end, personalized style. Though they may be viewed as eccentric by some, these items allow Louis Vuitton to maintain its position as a trendsetter in high-end fashion.


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