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Loving the Yanks and Baseball can be a balancing act

You’re probably asking what I mean by a balancing act.

Well in the great game of baseball you get so many different types of people. You get the good, the bad, and the ugly. You get people that feel entitled and you get people that feel privileged.
Because I love baseball and the Yankee brand so much I go through periods when I get very sad about how people act towards others.

George Steinbrenner could be one of the toughest people in the business of baseball. However, when it came to dealing with the average person, especially children, he was the all-time great.

The most important thing that I learned from him was that it didn’t cost anything to be nice to our children, especially those that came from nothing.

The greatest thing that he actually did for me was to be super nice to my children. That meant the world to me because they were better people for it.

One time I remember sneaking a bunch of kids into Yankee Stadium and security running to him to tell him. He demanded that I go to his office right away. When security brought me in he told them thanks, I’ll take it from here. The Boss then turned to me and asked me how many kids. I said, “twelve.” He went into his pocket, gave me two hundred dollars, and said to get them whatever they needed. He then asked me why didn’t I tell him that I was bringing these kids to the park and I said because they were not affiliated with any organization. At that point, he screamed out, “The hell with labels… Always take care of our kids. They are our most important treasure.”

Babe Ruth always said that the game of baseball is the greatest game in the world and it belongs to the kids. That’s why when I see the kids in the park it makes me so happy. During the last spring training game, I was introduced to this wonderful family. They had a little boy who exemplified what loving the game is all about, especially when you’re a little boy. They absolutely made my day. Today I received a great note from them and it reminded me why I love representing the Yankee brand, even if it’s in a very little way.

I hope you enjoy the note from this beautiful family.

Good afternoon Ray!

My name is Beth S, you actually met and gave my kids your card at a blue jays/Yankees spring training game last week. We were in the office and you signed my son EJ’s baseball and took a picture with him. He told me that I needed to text you to give you our address so that you could send him your book!

I wanted to first say thank you! Thank you for pulling him aside and asking about his ball and to sign it (my son started little league this year for the first time and that game was his first-ever Major League Baseball game he’s ever been to!) What you did made his night “the best night in my entire life” he told me. ☺️

We had a great time at the game (I was actually in the office filling paperwork out because we happen to be the winners of the 50/50 raffle at that game so meeting you was literally the icing on the cake for him. That was pretty special to my son.

Thank you for all that you do with the youth, you’re pretty amazing!
-Beth S

I don’t do this for the pat on the back however sometimes when you see the look in the eyes of some of these kids it makes it all so beautiful. I thank God and the Boss every day because I get to deliver a wonderful message.

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