Low Rise Jeans are Making a Comeback

Y2K fashion is coming back in style. 

That’s right, cropped baby doll tops, hot pink everything, denim on denim, and most importantly, the comeback of low-rise jeans. 

Over the past few years, high-rise jeans have been all the rage. High-rise jeans have been considered far more inclusive of different body types and allow for more coverage around the hip and torso area. This in contrast to low-rise jeans, which are typically seen as a style of pants that could only be worn by women with extremely thin figures. 

However, low-rise jeans seem to be making a comeback as a trend that incorporates body positivity. For far too long, women’s fashion has focused more on pushing negative and harmful body stereotypes than the actual clothing itself. 

With the rise of social media platform TikTok, people are celebrating vintage styles and showing how these more eccentric fashion trends can be styled to include every body type. While body-shaming is far from over, we are shifting away from the Y2K narrative that anyone over a size 2 is fat. 

This trend of low-rise jeans returning does not mean that you have to show your stomach to be trendy; instead, it is most important that people wear what makes them feel most comfortable and confident in their own skin.


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