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Madewell’s denim recycling program: Sustainable fashion revolution and $50 coupons

Ladies and gentlemen, denim devotees and eco-conscious explorers, gather ’round as we update you on the perfect blend of fashion and sustainability. Madewell has something extraordinary in store that’s bound to set hearts aflutter – a denim recycling program.

We’ve all got those denim memories tucked away in our closets: the 70s long denim skirt, the baggy ones that were the rage in school, and those white skinnies that have been gathering dust. Well, Madewell’s here to tell you that those beloved pairs have a future beyond the closet: Enter the Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ program, Madewell’s partner in this journey. 

Imagine those denim darlings being reborn as housing insulation, warming homes and hearts in communities in need.

And here’s where the impact truly shines:

As of now, an astounding 1,058,672 pairs of jeans have been recycled with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green™. What’s even more inspiring is that a staggering 80 percent of the insulation produced by the program comes from post-consumer recycled denim. It’s sustainability in action – a ripple effect of good.

In terms of waste saved, it’s an astounding 548 tons diverted from landfills – just by recycling instead of tossing. That’s a closet-sized contribution to a greener planet, and it all starts with the jeans forgotten in the closet.

As a token of gratitude for your commitment to sustainability, Madewell is offering a $50 coupon for a limited time when you exchange your old jeans. It’s not just about jeans; it’s about a movement, a commitment to sustainability, and a hope that fashion can be a catalyst for change. Head out to Madewell nearby now before the offer ends!


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