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Madonna Expressed her Support to Ukraine with “Sorry” Remix Video

From the very beginning, the Queen of Pop joined the actions of many Hollywood celebrities that raised their voice in support of Ukraine. 

4 days ago, the Queen of Pop shared a video compilation of Ukraine’s attacks on her Instagram along with the following words: 

“Does This Video hurt you as much as it hurts Me? Putin continues his Senseless And Horrifying attacks on Ukraine!! Innocent people are being killed and wounded every day! Innocent people are fighting for their lives And learning to shoot guns to protect themselves Refugees are crowding the borders and being stopped from escaping. So many brave people are staying to fight… God Bless You All. We are praying for you all. Please let’s do what we can to help!” 

She had also shared pictures where we could see her carrying the Ukrainian flag, giving her full support to the invaded country. A huge number of followers have been interacting with her posts since.

Last week she spoke against Putin through a written post and a fan-made video that showed her singing the 2005 song “Sorry” remix. The post read, “Russia’s Pointless and Greed Driven Invasion Of Ukraine MUST be stopped! Please Send in Humanitarian Aid to help millions of citizens of the Ukraine whose lives are being affected by this CRISIS at this very moment!!”

The 30-second fan video shows images of the Pop legend as she sings the iconic verses of the 2005 anthem: “Listen to the lies and all your stories” and “I can’t take it anymore” interspersed with images and video snippets of Putin’s war speech and the horrible attacks to Ukraine. 

She also dedicated some words against Putin saying, “Putin has Violated Every Human Rights Accord in Existence. Putin has no right to try to erase the existence of Ukraine. We support you President Zelensky!! We are praying for you and your country! God Bless You All!”

She finished by sharing with her enormous fanbase a link to an article of Global Citizen on the “25 Meaningful Ways You Can Help Ukraine”, with a caption that read “Let’s not feel helpless when confronted by Geo-political Actions of this magnitude.”


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