Maestro Cares Foundation
Maestro Cares Foundation
“I alone cannot change the world,
but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
– Mother Theresa

Sometimes we see so many terrible things happen around us that we begin to feel helpless and lock ourselves up in our comfort zone, feeding into the fear that whatever we do isn’t enough to change the world anyways. But if we don’t wake up every day trying to leave a valuable print in this world, and help others along the way, then our hearts and souls will never recognize the true meaning of life. Although it’s true we may not build a house alone, we can add the first block and inspire others to do the same, and together built that house... make that change. When we are capable of opening our hearts to love and care for everyone around us, and are willing to go a mile further to help them in any way, we are able to see the magic in life. The best part is that when we try to change the world by giving hope, kindness, time and love, the world ends up changing us along the way. At Maestro Cares we understand the value of caring for others, and that there isn’t anything more gratifying than knowing you had an impact in someone else’s life. We want to inspire others to become a part of this change (and to know that the block we need to build the house is inside them.)

About Us: A non-profit organization established to assist charitable organizations and causes in developing countries throughout Latin America. It is the goal of the Maestro Cares Foundation to improve the quality of life for orphaned, abused and abandoned children by surrounding them with a safe and healthy environment to live, learn and play.

Not Just a Face The Maestro Cares Foundation has a pair of unique founders who are deeply involved in a cause that is very near and dear to them. One is a successful entrepreneur who has been the force behind some of the most memorable music and soccer productions in the U.S for decades. The other, a multiple Grammy Award winner who has delighted crowds with his powerful voice, music and fashion throughout the world. Henry Cardenas and Marc Anthony, longtime friends and now partners in this labor of love, have recently made sizable donations to their growing foundation. Cardenas donated $250,000 while Anthony donated $300,000. The funds will continue to benefit the new orphanage project in the Dominican Republic, and the soon to be state of the art facility will house more than 100 children. Some founders are just the face of a foundation. Maestro Cares has founders that are the mind, heart and soul of the organization.

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