Mahsa Amini: More Than Just a Head Scarf

Iran ignites with anger as the women of Iran protest for their basic human rights. Unfortunate and not uncommon scenes take place in Iran where blood is shed, and according to them, it’s in women’s best interest. 

In 1936 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the leader of Iran at the time, made the Hijab – or the head scarf –illegal in Iran as he thought it was a sign of falling behind. The women of Iran protested in disagreement with the new law, and Hijab was made legal again. 

A group of women walking down a sidewalk

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Iranian women in the ’50s


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Iran in the ’50s

What is happening in Iran now is not an issue of not wanting to wear the Hijab but rather an issue of how it is being implemented. 

Iranian women now

On September 13th, the 22 years old Mahsa Amini came from Saqez, Kurdistan Province, to visit her parents in Tehran. Mahsa was with her brother, Karish Amini, when the Morality Police stopped her for wearing an “improper” Hijab. The Morality Police’ job in Iran is to keep Iranian women’s clothes “in check,” claiming that they have women’s best interest at heart to protect them from sexual assault and rape. This is ironic because if that was the goal, it would be more effective if they put in the same effort in preventing sexual assault as they do in forcing the Hijab. 

Eyewitnesses said that the police were beating Mahsa while they were trying to arrest her, of course, the police denied these claims, especially because they beat her to death, and she was in a critical condition that they had to get her to the hospital. 

Friday, September 16th, Kasra Hospital in Tehran announced through their official website that Mahsa Amini arrived at the hospital on September 13th and that “she did not show any signs of life.” Government officials accused the hospital’s administration of being a spy agent and a traitor. The hospital backed off and took its statement down. 

The spread of the news resulted in extreme anger, which was apparent on social media; people started attacking the morality police of Iran and the Iranian government as a whole. 

The official medical report says that Mahsa died as a result of previous health conditions. Immediately, Mahsa’s family denied the claim and stated that Mahsa was healthy and in good shape prior to the police attack. Her father also stated that the Iranian authorities denied them from seeing Mahsa’s dead body before they shrouded it. Additionally, the barrier was done under the Iranian authority’s supervision.

The women and people of Iran are protesting in anger at what happened to Mahsa and what is happening to all Iranian women. The women of Iran are seen cutting their hair and burning it in protest of Mahsa Amini’s death.

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Iranian woman cutting her hair in protest for Mahsa Amini’sdeath

In Islamic countries, there are distinctions between the law and Islamic rules. In Islam, for instance, it is forbidden to lie. However, you don’t see the government arresting people for lying. So why is this happening with Hijab in particular? 

Historically, the headscarf represents Iran post-Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the revelation to make Hijab legal again. But also, the Iranian government is scared if women free themselves from the headscarf, they will demand more rights, and it will be hard for the government to contain them. 

Iran is holding onto an image that is in the past, and by doing so, they end up shedding the blood of innocent people. 

Justice to Mahsa Amini and the people who are dying in protest for their rights.


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