Major Car Companies Halt Production

Some of the world’s largest car manufacturers are temporarily taking their models out of production. This follows a shortage of a device that is essential for car production: semiconductor microchips. Shortages have been common over the past year, with limited work staff at most companies, so the scramble for these chips is not completely unexpected.

Unfortunately, companies saw the first signs of the shortage last year during the production of the 2021 car lines, but the issue was not resolved between now and then. Therefore, some of the United States favorite car brands may be limited in variety for the 2022 car season. Toyota, Ford and General Motors, the top selling motors corporations in the United States, are three of the many that have been impacted. 

Most plants have had no choice but to change their production schedule and alter how many of each model will be released this year. Sadly, there are several models that were removed from the schedules completely and indefinitely. 

Despite countless numbers of other businesses having product shortages recently, the response to this shortage has been critical. Comments from the public have suggested that people are blaming the plant managers for allowing this shortage to happen, but it is possible people are just frustrated because with lower car supply comes higher price tags. 

This is only the beginning of this crisis. As companies start releasing their models for next year, the price for all new models of cars are likely to skyrocket. This will also bleed over into the used car industry. Many people are going to consider hanging onto the car they already have for at least another year. 

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