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Makeup should be considered a form of art (Op-Ed)

Makeup, which is too often seen as a boring necessity or an empty accessory, is really deserving of more respect as an art form. Like more conventional forms of art like painting or sculpture, cosmetics has many uses beyond just improving one’s appearance. 

The ability of cosmetics to express and mold one’s identity is a strong argument in favor of treating them as works of art. A person’s choice of cosmetics may reflect their inner state, character, and cultural background, just as an artist’s choice of paint, brushes, and other tools can convey an idea of the artist’s inner world. 

Makeup also gives people the tools they need to constantly reinvent and shape who they are. Makeup artists are like painters in that they can take a plain face and make it seem amazing by sculpting, contouring, and coloring it. Makeup allows people to express themselves in unique ways and question accepted standards, whether it’s via bold eyeliner experiments or daring lip color combinations.

Makeup also provides an infinite medium for creativity and originality. Making up is an art form in and of itself, with limitless room for experimenting with shape, color, and texture. Intricate patterns that equal the intricacy of any artwork or sculpture are conceptualized and executed by makeup artists, who push the bounds of inventiveness. The artistic and technical abilities of makeup artists are on full display in the elaborate designs they create, which range from geometric abstractions to floral themes.

Furthermore, a worldwide movement of self-taught artists has emerged, inspired by the democratization of cosmetics via social media, who share their work and encourage others. The limits between photography, performance art, fashion, and other creative fields are increasingly blurred using cosmetics. Makeup artists, photographers, stylists, and models work together on collaborative projects to produce emotional and thought-provoking visual storytelling. Makeup artists are crucial in creating the visual environment, whether they are imagining looks for fashion shows’ runways or creating avant-garde magazine covers.

Ultimately, the ability to express oneself creatively and culturally via the use of cosmetics justifies its categorization as an art form. Makeup is an expressive tool, and by accepting it as such, we honor the variety of human expression and the ability of beauty to change lives. Makeup is a perfect example of how art can serve several purposes: as a means of self-care or as a platform for societal critique.


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