Makeup Artist of the Month August 2020

Jack is the makeup world's newest prodigy and with his killer contour, fierce winged eyeliner and ultra chic glitter cut crease, he's teaching us all a major lesson when it comes to self-expression and not being afraid to be who we are. With over 69,000 followers on Instagram and often hashtagging his posts #makeupforboys, the British youngster performs makeup magic effortlessly and is building his beauty empire at light speed.

When one of Jack's tutorials was shared on Facebook earlier this month with the caption, "You walk in to your son doing this, wyd?," parents and fans of the makeup prodigy were quick to praise the young boy for his mastery. Those compliments overshadowed any negative comments (which unfortunately, were there too) about a little boy taking part in what is known as a "girly" activity.

Despite Instagram’s minimum age requirement being 13, the young British MUA's skills are just too good to not be shared on the app. We mean, c'mon! Creating a iridescent brow look is not easy! And he makes putting on falsies look like a walk in the park.

Makeup by Jack