Makeup Artist of the Month July 2019

Hrush Achemyan, a self-taught makeup artist, an enthusiast of all things artistic she has transformed her hobby into a world renown empire, Styled by Hrush. Over the past decade, she has cultivated a massive following of the everyday woman, aspiring makeup artists, celebrities, and artists of all kinds. Hrush credits her clients for allowing her to express her art freely and experiment with techniques she has learned through oil painting. In addition to her prestigious editorial and red carpet work, Hrush is recognized as a top celebrity artist and master makeup educator worldwide. By sharing her talents with others and highlighting the best features of a person's face, she believes that the power of makeup is not only to alter physical features but also increase one's confidence. She believes that every person is naturally beautiful in their own way and that makeup is simply a tool to accentuate this beauty further.

Hrush Achemyan