Makeup Artist of the Month September 2019

Hollywood make-up artist, Kandee, was raised with art, fashion, and make-up. Her artist mother went to the Fashion Design Institute, and created a place for Kandee to develop her artistic skills in drawing and painting, as well as her love of fashion, design, and make-up. She grew up in a family who encourages and inspires everyone they meet, this combined with her dynamic personality, which lights up the sky, as her friends say, has made her a favored person to have on set, or anywhere for that matter.

As a young girl, Kandee began experimenting with make-up on her mother and younger sister. Watching fashion shows and old Hollywood movies from the 40's and 50's with her mom provided an explosion of inspiration for glamour, beauty, and elegance, which continues to be fuel for her creative fire.

Kandee worked as a model, allowing her to live in Asia, and gain even more inspiration. Kandee never abandoned her dreams and love of the movie industry, fashion, and make-up. With a truckload of encouragement, some amazing people and mentors coming into her life, Kandee found her way onto her first movie set and has never looked back.

With her exceptional eye for color and blending, (a skill she has mastered since childhood with shading and contouring exercises her mother would do with her) her flawless make-up technique, and her keen eye for discovering and highlighting each person's individual best features, Kandee has been sought out by great companies such as, Honda, VH1/MTV, Playboy, Visa, Dick Clark Productions and many others.

Kandee has taught make-up application, in person as well as in front of the camera. She has the natural ability to make people not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful. Kandee's philosophy for make-up is, Make-up becomes a magnifying glass for the inner beauty and confidence to just shine and glow for everyone to see. Make-up is not just an art form for her; it allows her to connect with each person, and bring out the beauty hidden in him or her that lies just waiting to be discovered.

Kandee has the ability create a diverse range looks, from natural and elegant, to colorful and ultra-glamorous. Her beauty philosophy is healthy, breathable skin, that looks flawless and dewy. Everyone who sits in her make-up chair, leaves feeling the support, love, confidence and beauty they need to believe in themselves, which effects how they look and feel. Dreams are waiting to come true, and Kandee is honored to be a part of some of those dreams. Kandee has been told by many actresses, singers, and models that they wish they could have her do their make-up everyday, and not just her skill, but the way she seems to light their inner beauty on fire, for the whole world to see. After all, confidence, is the most powerful beauty product in her make-up kit that she leaves each client with- feeling and looking like the most stunning person in the room.

"Like a magic wand, make-up sprinkles beauty dust of self confidence on a woman like something I've never seen."

Kandee Johnson