Mariah Carey’s NYE Major Malfunction!

Of course, 2016 would not let us go without another major blow! While ringing in the new year, singer Mariah Carey appeared to have had yet another vocal meltdown.The diva claims the malfunction that occurred on New Year’s Eve,  where from not conducting a sound check before the show. A sound technician for the event told reporters that there were no technical issues. A video has appeared which shows Carey performing a sound check. She also claims Dick Clark Productions intentionally sabotaged her earpiece to achieve higher ratings. Carey told sources that her earpiece wasn’t working properly and was assured it would be fixed. As her performance went on, Carey held her microphone out to the crown in an attempt to get the crowd singing and bring their attention away from the troubles. Who knows, for sure, exactly what happened? All we can say is it was definitely an embarrassing night for the legendary diva. Kudos to her for sticking it out like a champ and not letting it get the best of her!


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