Masks save the older population. Trump? Not so much

Currently, in the United States, as we begin to near the day many have been waiting for since the 2016 Election results, polls are being conducted to project the direction of the 2020 Presidential Election. Many have been shocked to learn that many of the notorious red states are favoring Joe Biden, the democratic representative. As more polls are taken and data is generated, it is predicted that current president, Donald Trump, could lose in a landslide.

When predicting which direction the election will go, it is important to pay attention to the swing states, or the states that are usually close to 50/50 and could go either blue or red. But after polling these states, it seems that Biden may be able to sweep them all blue.

There could be many factors that attribute to Trump’s slow decline in popularity, especially in his biggest supporting group, the older generation. In recent events with the worldwide pandemic followed by numerous acts of injustice by our police force, our president had all the opportunities to step up and be the leader we needed yet the way he has handled our country especially in light of recent events, has been deplorable. It didn’t go unnoticed either. No Democratic candidate has ever come close to winning over or even just getting half of the votes from the older population. But in a poll done to the senior citizens in the battleground states, the majority of these people said that they were not supportive of the way the president had handled the pandemic. The majority of those who are falling victim to COVID-19 are the older population and our president is telling people it will go away and not to wear a mask. Not only does this put his biggest group of supporters more at risk but makes them realize his lack of concern for their well being.

Even during the midst of a global pandemic, Trump held a rally in Tulsa and the turnout was intentionally hindered by clever planning of teenagers on TikTok. At a stadium that could hold nineteen thousand, the rally struggled to fill the lower half. Trump failed to mention anything about the events in Minneapolis and only briefly mentioned a statistic about the death toll of COVID-19 that continues to kill countless citizens and affect our entire country. He has been supportive of rallies and large event gatherings(if they benefit him) and has even removed social distancing stickers from the chairs of his rallies which is extremely concerning.

Overall, as it stands, with four months until the election, it looks doubtful that our current president will return to the office for a second term. Although many democrats prefer Bernie Sanders, they are willing to settle for anyone who isn’t Trump. Personally, I have never been a politically charged individual with strong opinions about our government but due to the current state of how our country is being run, felt the urge to register to vote in order to assure Joe Biden is our new POTUS.


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