Mayor Adams’s Plan to Tackle Gun Violence

New York City leaders and business people are siding with Mayor Adams’s plan to tackle gun violence. Mayor Adams points out that the quality of life has deteriorated from the recent shootings in New York. It’s time to take action.

On January 21st, an NYPD rookie cop, Jason Rivera, was shot to his death in Harlem. He was among the four cops who were shot that week. The police officers went to inspect an apartment building at 119 West 135th Street when they approached Lashawn McNeil who shot them without warning. It is a Glock .45 that can hold 40 additional rounds. Other officers notified the department for help in transportation as their peers were getting injured. A couple of Harlem residents share their messages of terror in living close to the sounds of gunfire. Dominique Luzuriaga, the widow of Jason Rivera, attended his funeral and struggled to fight back her tears as she reflected on the last moments she had with her husband. The couple had an argument and would sometimes not speak for days. She regretted not going in the car with Jason because it was potentially her last time seeing him before the shooting incident.

On January 15th, a homeless man shoved an Asian woman on the subway rail, leading to her death. Simon Martial, the murderer, was charged with second-degree murder and he claimed that he was God. A professor at John Jay College urges the city to clean up the homeless people who reside in the subway system because innocent people have to put up with these crimes. More women are being wary of the subway station by avoiding the tracks so they could be safe.

In Mayor Adams’s plan to combat gun violence and crime, he intends to return the plainclothes anti-guns unit. They specialize in anti-crime on the streets and will be targeting criminals behind the scenes. In 2020, the plainclothes unit disbanded because the public saw that their ways of policing were unconstitutional for targeting people of color. Mayor Adams states that there have been too many drug uses on the streets and law enforcement would tackle down on thievery in drugs. Following up on the concerns of the former plainclothes anti-guns unit, Mayor Adams intends to modify the unit, calling it the “Neighborhood Safety Teams.” More police officers would monitor the subway system. Proper training would be conducted in the Neighborhood Safety Teams to help move New York City forward to a safer future.


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