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McDonald’s is Ready to Do the White Thing

Your McDonald’s breakfast is going to get a little bit healthier next month when the fast food giant officially rolls out its Egg White Delight. The breakfast sandwich, a 250-calorie yolk-free version of the classic Egg McMuffin, was tested in Austin and Atlanta locations last November before making its national debut on April 22. The Egg White Delight features egg whites, Canadian bacon and a slice of white cheddar cheese on a whole-grain English muffin. The egg whites will be cooked on the griddle instead of in the microwave and, according to McDonald’s external communications manager Tyler Litchenberger, you’ll be able to swap them in on any McDonald’s breakfast sandwich you want to be just a little bit better for you. “We’ve been listening to our customers and they want premium options,” Litchenberger told The Daily Meal. “We can’t just limit egg whites to one menu item. We want to provide variety, and the ability to customize anything.” Looks like McDonald’s is trying to give Burger King a run for their money when it comes to “having it your way.”


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