McDonald’s NYC goes retro for Loki season 2

McDonald’s is taking a bold step into the past to celebrate the upcoming second season of Marvel’s Loki. Situated in New York City, a McDonald’s branch is undergoing a remarkable makeover, morphing into its 1982 version.

From August 30th to September 1st, the McDonald’s located at 6620 Bay Parkway in Brooklyn is the place to be. Stepping through a Time Variance Authority (TVA) inspired entrance, visitors are instantly transported to a world where the ’80s reign supreme.

The interior of the transformed restaurant is a symphony of retro. Vintage McDonald’s advertisements deck the walls, immersing patrons in the essence of yesteryears. Classic McDonaldland characters like Grimace adorn the space, their charm heightened by murals that hark back to simpler times. The iconic bright yellow cushioned booths evoke strong nostalgia, bringing us back to memories of a bygone era. Chunky cash registers and ’80s-style menu boards further enhance the time-traveling experience.

The decor and the staff’s uniforms take a page from the past. Employees sport attire inspired by the year 1982, featuring playful Ronald McDonald-themed red stripes.

Adding an extra layer of magic, the restaurant blends Marvel’s universe with reality. Props from Loki, including a vintage TV set and authentic costumes, seamlessly integrate the show’s theme into the retro setting.

Earlier in the month, McDonald’s unveiled the “As Featured In Meal,” a limited-time menu inspired by pop culture. A special sweet ‘n sour sauce packaging pays homage to Loki season 2, accentuating the intersection of two influential worlds.

As we await the return of Loki on Disney+ this October 6th, the McDonald’s transformation offers a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. Riding high on the success of its first season, the second installment of Loki is poised to leave an indelible mark on Marvel’s Phase 5.

In this convergence of pop culture and fast food, McDonald’s NYC stands as a time-traveling haven. Stepping into its ’82 version is an opportunity to savor the past while eagerly anticipating the future.


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