Melania Trump Doesn’t Want To Be FLOTUS Again

Donald Trump may or may not have decided whether he wants to run for president again, but his wife seems to have her mind set. 

According to a CNN report from Kate Bennett, Melania Trump is not interested in another Trump Presidency. Bennett described the former first lady as “an extremely private person” who never wanted to be in the spotlight next to her husband. 

Sources told CNN that Melania Trump wasn’t planning on helping with another campaign and has been telling friends that she is not interested in being first lady again. They believe she will be living fulltime in Mar-a-Lago while Barron Trump attends a private high school. 

She will not be present at Trump rallies or campaign events. Donald Trump will most likely rely on his sons for support in those situations.

Bennett considers the former first lady as perhaps the most private first lady in modern history, who has constantly retreated from the spotlight since leaving the White House.

“She has been seen publicly just once this summer, spotted in July by photographers leaving Trump Tower in New York City, accompanied by her son,” Bennett said. “Other than that, with the exception of a few Instagram posts from random people who happened to glimpse her in the dining room at Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club, Trump — ever the enigma — hasn’t purposefully set foot in front of a camera.” 

Melania Trump, who described herself as possibly the most bullied person in the world in 2018, has been getting a lot of support from people on Twitter who don’t want another Trump presidency. According to an article on Yahoo!, “Melania” started trending almost immediately after the CNN report aired.

“No one is interested in her, so it works out,” says a tweet by @feltongeorge. 

“Donald’s big announcement getting preempted by Melania saying she has “no interest” in being FLOTUS again is the most beta shit we’ve seen in politics and I don’t think we’re appreciating that enough,” reads another tweet by @NunesAlt. 

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