Mets Players and Fans Are Booing Each Other

People who become high profile figures, especially in the sports and entertainment industry, should be no strangers to criticism. Making it big insinuates that you’ve been dragged down through the trenches and shows that you have enough heart to handle all the difficulties of your career choice. There are very few incidents when one rises to fame with minimal effort, especially in sports. 

On Sunday, some New York Mets players made it clear that they are sick of getting booed and gave their fans a dose of their own medicine. After hitting a home run Javier Baez, a new addition to the team, celebrated with an unusual gesture giving Mets fans two thumbs down. Mets games have reportedly been attended by angry fans who are disappointed with the team’s performance in the past. Teammates, Francisco Lindor and Kevin Pillar, who have also been the subject of boos recently, displayed similar gestures of disapproval toward the crowd. 

“It just feels bad when…I strike and get booed,” Baez said, explaining his gesture to the media. “It doesn’t really get to me, but I want to let them know that when we’re successful, we’re going to do the same thing to let them know how it feels.”

Sandy Alderson, president of the New York Mets, said in a statement that players and the organization are equally frustrated and that booing is every fan’s right. He added that he would be meeting with players and staff to convey the message directly.

Pillar tried to downplay the gesture on Twitter saying that the team was having fun and asking fans to not look too much into the incident. 

Nothing wrong with having fun, especially at your own expense like Pillar did, if what he tweeted is true. Sports fans will most likely keep expressing themselves however they want and players have to deal with it. In the end, fans are the reason that professional athletes get to live more lucrative lifestyles than other essential members of society. 

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