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Mia Brookes 16, Becomes Youngest Snowboarding, World Champion 

History has been made this year at the Women’s World Championship in Bakuriani, and lives have changed. Young Mia Brookes set a world record of being the youngest World Champion after winning gold in the women’s slopestyle at the Snowboard, Freestyle, and Freeski held in Bakuriani, Georgia. 

Not being old enough to compete in the Winter Olympics last year, Brookes made up for it this year. In the young woman’s first year competing in the senior circuit, she performed a very intense CAB 1440 Double Grab–meaning she did four complete rotations up in the air to receive a winning score of 91.38. Brookes is the first woman to complete the 1440 Double Grab. 

“I feel like I could cry; I’ve never been so happy in my life,” Brookes told reporters after her win. 

Brookes’s first time snowboarding was at the old age of 18 months. 

Brooke, still in Highschool, is setting the bar high. Her style is on point, on and off the mountain. Lots of colors and baggy pants run her closet, and I’m sure a stack of monster energy drinks. In the UK, she has been called a variety of times “the next big thing.”

Over the years, she has gained a liking for specific brands and has now started collecting them as sponsors, 686, Vans, and Dragon, just to name a few. 

In an interview with White Lines, Brookes was asked about competing with the boys and if she felt she had to prove herself more. She responded, “I’ve mainly competed against girls, but I used to mainly ride with boys, and I think I’ve competed in an all-boys under 12 comp when I was younger and won. But I think that because I rode with boys when I was younger, and the fact people thought I was a boy sort of made me prove myself that I can be better and that girls can be as good as boys.”  With her sparky personality and her drive for success, Brooke poses as an inspiration to women all over the world.


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