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Mike Pence’s slow but steady move back into the spotlight

Whatever happened to former Vice President Mike Pence?

Although it’s been nearly 100 days since Biden’s administration started their work in the White House, it feels as if the former VP slipped into the shadows after his stage left exit. However, over the past few weeks, it seems as if Pence is ready to return to the spotlight.

It was recently reported by CNN’s Jamie Gangel, Brian Stelter, and Michael Warren, that Pence has just signed a seven-figure, two-book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster. Although the exact amount is unknown to the public, Simon & Schuster is rumored to be paying Pence anywhere between $3 and $4 million for the two-book deal.

In a statement, Pence said that he is, “ grateful to have the opportunity to tell the story of my life in public service to the American people, from serving in Congress, to the Indiana Governor’s office and as Vice President of the United States.”

Pence is currently penning his autobiography, which will cover his life from Columbus, Indiana, to governor to his most recent venture as Donald Trump’s vice president. Often referred to as one of Trump’s most loyal allies, it’s is unsure how he will write about the former president after Trump publicly denounced him after Pence didn’t intervene with Biden’s certification process.

It’s imperative to note that Pence had no power to change the certification of Biden’s presidential victory. But to Trump and Trump supporters alike, that remains a problem for a different day.

The first book from Pence’s new deal is scheduled to be published in 2023.

Dana Canedy, senior vice president and publisher of Simon & Schuster, said that Pence’s “revelatory autobiography will be the definitive book on one of the most consequential presidencies in American history.” His life, work, and journey “as a Christian, the challenges and triumphs he has faced, and the lessons he has learned, tells an American story of extraordinary public service during a time of unrivaled public interest in our government and politics.”

In the two-book deal, Canedy acquired World rights, first serial rights, and audio rights from David Vigliano and Thomas Flannery of Vigliano Associates.

Book writing won’t be the only thing that keeps Pence occupied over the new few years. It looks like he also has his eyes set on running in the 2024 General Election – especially if Trump doesn’t enter the race himself.

On Wednesday, April 7, Pence launched Advancing American Freedom, an entity that would “promote the pro-freedom policies of the last four years that created unprecedented prosperity at home and restored respect for America abroad.” Although his statement is debatable, Pence’s new group will help him remain relevant in political circle and keep him as a household name. It will also serve as a way to defend Trump-era policies, which he may end up running on in the future.

Advancing American Freedom will counter the policies of the Biden administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress. A Pence aide said the group, which is widely seen as a part of the groundwork for a potential 2024 run, will focus on a broad range of issues, from school choice to energy independence to foreign affairs. Pence’s new group also comes with Trump’s blessing, who mentioned in a brief statement that it was “Nice to see Mike highlighting some of our many achievements!”

Over the new few weeks, Pence’s schedule is expected to ramp up, as he has his first public appearance scheduled for April 29 in Columbia, South Carolina. He will give a speech in front of a Christian conservative group and attend a private fundraiser for the Heritage Foundation in Arizona.


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