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Mind-Bending Movies to Watch if You Liked Inception

One of the best (and my personal favorite) genres in movie watching is mind-bending, also called thought-provoking movies. Movies that have hidden twist and turns just subtle enough to captivate and completely alter the audience’s perception of the film are exciting and riveting! Most mind-bending movies are fast paced with high stakes, revealing little bits and pieces of the ending so subtly that by the end of the movie, the audience doesn’t know what hit them!  

In a Christopher Nolan classic titled Inception, a team of highly skilled individuals can enter anyone’s dreams. While they usually use this skill to steal secrets, this time they need to plant an idea into the minds of others. This film takes you on a phycological rollercoaster, being one of the best mind-bending thrillers of all time.

 If you liked Inception, then chances are, you will love these other mind-bending movies. 

  1. Shutter Island 

Just like in Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio leads us through the extensive labyrinth of this thrilling film. Shutter Island follows the story of two U.S. marshals assigned to investigate the disappearance of a dangerous murderer from the Shutter Island Hospital, located on a remote island off of Boston designated for the criminally insane. While on this mission, one Marshall, Teddy (played by DiCaprio) has more personal reasons for his visit to Shutter Island: he wants to confront the prisoner who he believes murdered his wife. While this story takes the audience through many twists and turns, the ending is sure to make you question everything you watched. This mind-bending film is a must-watch for any Inception fan.

  1. The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense follows a little boy who is visited by ghosts, often of people who died violently, leading to the film’s famous line, “I see dead people.” Malcolm Crowe (played by Bruce Willis) is a child psychologist trying to help this boy with his supernatural abilities that often leave the little boy scared and overwhelmed. This masterpiece is filled with suspense and will leave you thinking about this story days later. 

  1. Vanilla Sky

Starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, this psychological thriller follows a young New York City publishing professional who finds himself in a thrilling rollercoaster of romance, comedy, suspicion, and dreams in his mind-bending search for happiness. With many twists and turns, Cameron Crowe’s direction is exquisite, lending bits and pieces of this complex story to the audience through multiple short scenes and fantastic story development. Much like most of these films, you won’t see the ending of Vanilla Sky coming!

  1. Now You See Me

This huge magic act called Now You See Me is about the magician Atlas who leads the talented group of illusionists called the Four Horsemen. This group mesmerizes crowds, bringing amazing entertainment to all around them, but at what cost? This fast-paced and thrilling story will leave you wanting more. Luckily, their story doesn’t end with the first movie: there is also a Now You See Me 2 with a third movie in production. This fan favorite is an exciting must-watch film. 

  1. The Prestige

This film follows the rivalry of two young stage magicians in 19th century London, where one tragic accident leads to life-long conflict and a constant battle between them. The Prestige, starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, flips back and forth between times, intriguing its audience through Christopher Nolan’s amazing storytelling. 
If you liked Inception, watch these amazing, mind-bending films on your next movie night!


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