Minor Feelings

Winter always gets all the credit, with cold nights, cozy blankets and warm beverages. But what about summer? Isn’t it actually great to read a book by the seashore or lying down on hammock in the Caribbean? This hot summer days just get a little bit better with a great book as a companion for your seasonal adventures. Whether you are exploring the great outdoors or just sticking close to the A/C, this next book we will be talking about is a great read that you must take on your next endeavor.

With everything happening in the United States since the death of George Floyd, the people have become more aware of the abuse and racism minority classes suffer. Even though, it has been happening for centuries, in the last year society has been opening their eyes and listening to what’s really occurring on the nation they proudly call, the land of freedom and liberty. Not only the afro American receive constant abuse and discrimination, it actually happens to all minorities; Asian, Latinos, Indians, Arabs, woman and so on.  

The book “Minor Feelings” by Cathy Park Hong, is a radical exploration of the Asian American psyche full of ruthlessly honest, emotionally charged and utterly original struggles of being a human. Where she writes about her experience as these minor feelings occur when American optimism contradicts your own reality, when you believe the lies, you’re told about your own racial identity. Through cultural criticism, memoir and historical investigation, Hong names and illuminates’ issues of race and gender that long went unnamed, creating a blistering new handbook to the state of race in America. This intimate and devastating book traces her relationship to the English language, to shame and depression, to poetry and female friendship. A radically honest work of and Asian American psyche and the search to uncover and speak the truth her people feel as Asians in America.


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