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MLB: Dodgers and Yankees Remain As The Top Two Best Teams, For Now

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a five game lead over all other MLB teams in the National and American Leagues, putting them at the top of the rankings about two months before the regular season ends, and playoffs begin. As a diehard San Francisco Giants fan, it pained me to witness the Dodgers sweep the Giants in not only their home series, but also their away series last week, with the Dodgers winning all eight games against their Northern California rival. Additionally, the LA team won all three games of their most recent series against the San Diego Padres, who are currently ranked higher than the Giants. With 75 wins and only 33 losses, it seems as if the Dodgers have a fair chance at redeeming themselves in 2022 in postseason games, following their historic 2020 World Series win.

While LA still leads the entire league with 75 wins, the Yankees, Astros, and Mets are all flirting with the top of the rankings, representing the Central and Eastern zones with 70 wins each. The iconic New York Yankees barely top the American League standings, with 39 losses compared to the Astros’s 40 losses, and they may soon be bumped out of their top spot considering the five game losing streak that they now hold. In fact, the Yankees most recently lost all three games against the St. Louis Cardinals, a devastating series for the NY team based on their 70-39 stats compared to the 60-48 Cardinals. As for the Houston Astros, they will soon face the Texas Rangers and Oakland A’s, some of the worst ranked teams in the MLB at the moment, while the Yankees will have a bit stiffer competition in upcoming games against the Seattle Mariners and Boston Red Sox.

The New York City competition in the National League, the Mets, presently match the Yankees stats to a T with 70 wins and 39 losses, closely following the Dodgers at the top of the National League. While the Mets have not received a World Series win since 1986, fans are anxious to see how they continue to play against the Red and Phillies after their domination of the Atlanta Braves this past week.


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