Most Entertaining Summer Olympic Events

With the Olympics officially starting in less than 48 hours in Tokyo, the excitement and anticipation is starting to build. Hundreds of athletes from all over the world will be on the biggest stage fighting their hearts out to win a medal. 

I personally love watching the Summer Olympic Games, mainly because I find all of the unique events entertaining and I love watching so many things going on at the same time. However, there are specific events that I really flock to, ones I would never watch unless the Olympics were on. Here’s a list of my favorite events to watch, and the ones I’m most looking forward to, at the Olympics:

  • Swimming
    • I am a big swimming fan. I love the speed of it all, and I think it’s so graceful to watch the swimmers float across the water with such power and precision. I remember seeing Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte going head-to-head in 2008 and 2012, and just being amazed by the quickness in which their arms and legs moved. In this Olympics, Katie Ledecky is the swimmer to watch on either team. Ledecky will be competing in her third Olympics, having won a gold medal in both 2012, for the 800 m freestyle, and in 2016, for the 200 m freestyle. Phelps has even called her the greatest female swimmer alive. Caeleb Dressel, who is competing in his second straight Olympics, is also a heavy favorite to win multiple medals. I will be watching the swimming events very closely. 
  • Diving:
    • If I’m a big swimming fan, then I am a HUGE diving fan. There’s just something about the fear of it all, for me. I am not a diver myself, nor do I have any interest in diving from the heights that these incredible athletes take off from. The flips, the tricks, and the elegance make this event a must-watch. I’m holding my breath every single time a diver jumps off the board. 11 of the best divers in the country will be representing Team USA in the Olympics this year. China is looking like the favorite at the moment in most of the diving events, but anything can happen at the Olympics. I can’t wait to see what surprises, and terrifying moments, diving brings us this year. 
  • Basketball:
    • Obviously, basketball is my main event, anyone who reads this site will know that, as I write about basketball on the frequent. Team USA is looking like the clear-cut favorite, with superstars Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, and Devin Booker headlining the team. There have been some COVID-related issues, with certain players being unable to compete because of the health and safety protocols, but this event will still be quite entertaining. With basketball becoming more and more of a global sport by the year, there is actually some competition for the U.S. this year. Australia, France, Spain, and Argentina have put together teams of NBA players, past, and present, as well as the best of the best in their countries. It’s not a guaranteed victory for Team USA, which will make for a fun event.
  • Gymnastics:
    • Without a doubt, the primetime, must-see athlete in the entire 2021 Olympics is Simone Biles. She has cemented herself as one of the all-time greats, and she will look to continue her hot streak at this year’s Games. Coming off an inspiring performance at the Olympic Trials, Biles and the rest of the team are looking to make a strong impression. Although a team member has tested positive for COVID, they are still determined to make this Olympics work and will fight for their place on the podium. I love gymnastics because of its ability to make you feel things, specifically the floor routines, which are a striking display of beauty and strength. The balance, athleticism, and precision that is needed for any gymnastics event is beyond difficult and watching the best athletes in the world compete is truly inspiring. 

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics are set to begin this Friday, July 23, with the opening ceremonies. While rising COVID cases has some officials debating a last-minute cancellation, I hope that they are able to make the Olympic Games work, as all of these athletes have poured their hearts and souls into their sports. But, of course, the health and safety of everyone involved is priority number one. 


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