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Move Over Soy, Almond, Oat, And Coconut: There’s A New Milk In Town

The latest innovation in milk today is here and it’s an interesting one. A vegan plant-based company based in Sweden by the name of DUG has created potato milk, yet another dairy alternative. So far, they have three different variances: Original for use in cereal, Barista for coffee/hot drink use, and Unsweetened.

Unfortunately, potato milk is not yet being sold in the United States, but there are some ways around that. It’s available to order online or you can even easily make your own at home. You just have to boil a potato in hot water with some salt until soft to the touch. Then you can flavor with vanilla extract, almond slices, or whatever form of sweetener you prefer. After that, you blend the potato with warm water, strain with a cheesecloth, and refrigerate until use. You can also substitute sweet potatoes for a less bitter taste.

In comparison to the other milks on shelves, potato is the most sustainable and easiest to harvest. Potatoes use 56 times less water than almonds, as well as requiring half the land to grow than oats. This year, the World Food Innovation Awards named DUG the Best Allergy-Friendly Product due to not using nuts or other allergens in their products.

Although potato milk isn’t in all grocery stores across the globe just yet, I don’t think it’ll be much time before you find it everywhere you turn. It has all the makings of a great product in 2021: eco-friendly, cost efficient, and tastes great (although some reviews say the thickness could be toned down a bit as it leans on the heavy side).

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