Movie Popcorn May Block Out Movie Ads


Pretty much everyone hates having to sit through 15 minutes of commercials before even getting to the previews ahead of the movie you paid good money to see. Well, new research has found that those annoying ads may not even be effective if they air while movie goers are busy snacking on candy, popcorn and other yummy movie theater treats. According to the study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the reason why advertising works is that our lips and the tongue automatically simulate the pronunciation of a new name when we first hear it, imprinting the brand on our brains. But that act is interrupted by chewing. “The mundane activity of eating popcorn made participants immune to the pervasive effects of advertising,” said Sascha Topolinski, one of the researchers. “This finding suggests that selling candy in cinemas actually undermines advertising effects.” Something to think about next time you splurge at the concession stand.

To view more about this Topic, Dnews have posted a video on the science of this,


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