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Movies Coming to Netflix that Might Keep Users Happy

Netflix has been getting some negative response to the loss of crucial shows in the past couple years. Important shows like Friends and The Office have migrated to other streaming services, meaning Netflix has to make a move to keep users from following where their favorite series are going. 

It’s no secret that Netflix has some original films that have gotten a great deal of attention, but a lot of the Netflix Originals fail to be completely “original.” Users need more to convince them to stay. This month, some of the movies leaving Netflix include Legally Blonde and Inception, along with many others. The streaming service does “housekeeping” quite often: clearing out a batch of movies and bringing in some new. What can Netflix users look forward to this month then?

One massive win for this service is the entrance of Titanic. This is a movie that some people can watch over and over again. Additionally, Hairspray the musical is returning to Netflix after taking a significant break from the site. Bad Teacher, Desperado, Spy Kids (one, two, and three), and Step Brothers are all among those coming to Netflix this month. 

On average, each American subscribes to four streaming services per month. With new streaming services coming out left and right, they are all in competition to keep as many watchers as possible, since not many people are going to subscribe to them all. Netflix is hoping that the inclusion of these films can keep them as one of those four. 

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