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November 29th, 2012   admin   Movies

When it’s freezing outside but you still don’t want to stay inside of the house, the movies are usually a good place to go. The holiday season usually brings out some of the best movies of the year. So here are a few of the options that are out there no matter what kind of movie you’re in the mood for:
 Flight: If you’re a Denzel Washington fan (and let’s be real, who isn’t?), then this is the movie for you. Denzel plays a heroic pilot who expertly lands a plane headed towards disaster. While his bravery saves the lives of many of his passengers, the incident also brings Denzel’s demons to the surface. Can he save himself the way he saved so many innocent lives?

 The Man With the Iron Fists: Action fans won’t want to miss this film, produced by Quentin Tarantino. RZA makes his debut as leading man alongside Russell Crowe and “Elementary” star Lucy Liu in this story of assassins, warriors and an outsider hero who come together for the sake of defeating a traitor who would eventually ruin them all if he’s not destroyed. Set in 19th Century China, this film is full of action sequences you have to see to believe.

 Wreck It Ralph: This one is for the kids! This 3D flick draws its inspiration from the old video games from the 1980s. Wreck It Ralph is tired of always being the bad guy and he sets out on a journey to fulfill his dream of being a hero and taking the credit that usually goes to his video game nemesis, Fix it Felix. But by taking matters into his own hands, Wreck It Ralph has put the whole arcade in jeopardy. It’s a race against time to save the day—one that will delight children and parents alike.
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