Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

MTA versus Guardian Angels in the Subway

The Subway System is now contributing to the spread of CORONA VIRUS. according to a study from M.I.T. 68 MTA employees have died from the corona virus. 2,500 employees have tested positive, 4,365 are currently quarantined due to illness and exposure. The subways are crowded with the many homeless and EDP’s. They’ve taken over whole Subway cars and now live in them because they have nowhere else to go, They have reduced service making their regular riders stuck in crowded trains. They have closed the bathrooms forcing the homeless to relieve themselves on the tracks and in the trains. The trains are dirty and smelly. Crime is rampant as people riding the trains are attacked by emotionally disturbed people. There are few Cops. It has gotten so bad that some officials want to stop running the trains and buses.

The Guardian Angels are focused on the E Train which has become a moving “Homeless Hotel”. We are keeping the peace. We are cleaning the homeless people up and feeding them because they have no food. We are also sanitizing the subway cars. We will continue to do so while Govt. slowly disappears.

What the MTA isn’t doing 

And what Guardian Angels are doing

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