Multiple People Are Found Dead In a House In Miami

On a Friday morning, in what is said to be a safe neighborhood with an apparently low crime rate, five bodies were found dead.

Miami Lakes is the neighborhood where a fairly large, brown, bricked-ceiling, two-garage home resides. This house is the host of what is being called a murder-suicide today. 

The relationship between some of these five people is still under investigation. However, evidence of self-infliction gives truth to the words murder-suicide. Since one of the bodies was sporting a self-induced gunshot wound. Therefore, the bodies were composed of one shooter and four victims.

All of this began at 9:54 a.m. when a random call came in from a relative trying to seek someone from inside the residence. And so, police drove to the 14800 block of Northwest 87th Court to meet the caller. Upon searching the outside of the house, they found an unlocked window. This is how the first body was found, and after searching the rest of the house, the remaining four.

The five victims are composed of three females and two males, and family members identified two of the victims as a mother and her son, Yoanka Aguilar and Dhany Aguilar. Relatives also said some of the family members had recently arrived from Cuba in Miami Lakes.

Miami Lakes is said to have “progressed from a dream on paper to a reality. This vibrant community is nationally recognized as one of the best examples of unique and innovative town planning, with lakes and canals making up about 11%. For residents, all of this means that one can enjoy a quality of life that is second to none… a central location with a hometown feel.”

This neighborhood is known as one of the most beautiful residential areas in South Florida, which is why this haunting crime scene was unexpectedly shocking. But should it be? Especially taking into consideration that Florida is one of the more lenient states in terms of firearm possession laws. Miami does not require residents to have a permit should they decide to purchase shotguns, handguns, or rifles, and perhaps this played a part in today’s chaotic events.


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