Video of the Month for December 2022

Harry Styles is no stranger to doing things outside of the box. However, fans were taken aback when Styles released the music video for his song “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” from his new album ‘Harry’s House.’

Right off the bat, Styles transforms into a singing squid-man that is fighting off being cooked inside a sushi restaurant. The video starts off with him being washed up on a sandy beach, where he is picked up by three fishermen. He is then taken to a sushi restaurant that looks all too suspicious. The owners of the sushi restaurant drop him on the table and take a picture with him before they plan to kill and serve him to customers. Styles, terrified, begins to sing and everyone becomes mesmerized as he sings for his life. Instead of getting rid of him, they keep him to entertain the customers. After becoming popular, he sadly begins to lose his voice. After which, he ends up being used for his original purpose, fish food.

Styles has said that the music video serves as a metaphor for his fears. He fears what his life will be like when he is no longer able to sing for the world. One thing is for sure, after looking past the abnormal and crazy nature of the video, it serves a much deeper meaning.

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