Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

My Friend Jeremy Part of the Legion of Forgotten New Yorkers


Meet my friend Jeremy, who I’ve seen on and off for the past 10 years in and around Penn Station.  I first saw Jeremy downtown during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.  He had come in from Kentucky and it was obvious then that he had some mental issues but he was functional and able to take care of himself.  As you can hear from his story it’s been downhill ever since.  He needs mental health care but the billion dollars that was robbed by the de Blasio’s that should have been spent on people like Jeremy through the THRIVENYC program is MIA.  The MTA state homeless intervention unit is MIA.  Jeremy is without medication, food and wipes to stay clean.  He is a target for the coronavirus spread.  Do you think he will go to the doctors of the hospital?  The answer – No!  The city and state have now closed all the public bathrooms and Jeremy tells you that he defecates and urinates in the streets.  THAT will create a public health crisis.  As the sun goes down and Jeremy rants and raves like a lunatic on the corner he will soon be competing with the rats that emerge in packs to vacuum up the few scraps of food that have been left behind.  When the mandate to wear masks in public goes into effect by KING CUOMO do you think Jeremy will finally be taken care of?  The answer – No!  He is part of the legion of forgotten who now live in the streets and subways of NYC.  The only ones helping him are the Guardian Angels.  

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