Artist of the Month for March 2022


NF is the stage name for rapper Nate Feuerstein, whose raw and emotional lyricism sets him apart in his music.

Born in 1991, Feuerstein lived a turmoil-filled childhood defined by his parent’s divorce, abuse and loss of his mother. Through these hardships, he turned to music. In 2010, he independently released his first album, Moments. He tried to work with Xist Music but ended up parting ways before working with producer Tommee Profitt. His debut with Profitt was his second album Mansion, launching his career as a rap artist. Mansion was released in 2012, topping the Christian chart and hitting 62 on the Billboard 200. Therapy Session, released in 2016, topped Rap and Christian charts and almost reached Top Ten.

His next album, Perception, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. “Let You Down,” topping U.S Christian Song charts and consistently playing on the radio, was his hit song on his third studio-produced album. In 2019, he released his newest album, The Search with highlighted songs, “Lie,” “Clouds,” and “Only.” NF is the perfect example of someone who has overcome adversity despite the hardships of life.

Let You Down

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