National Donut Day 2023

For all the donut lovers out there, you’ll be glad to know that National Donut Day, a beloved celebration of all things sweet and doughy, has arrived once again, enticing donut enthusiasts across the United States. Friday, June 2nd, is a day that will commence full of sweet and savory surprises for all of society. So, get ready to indulge in deals and freebies across the country!

On this joyous occasion, donut shops and bakeries from coast to coast are offering enticing deals to honor the delectable treat. Whether you have a penchant for classic glazed donuts or crave innovative flavors, this year’s National Donut Day promises to be a delightful experience for donut aficionados nationwide.

National Donut Day holds historical significance, the origin story of this enticing day was established in 1938, originating during World War I when women volunteers known as “Donut Lassies” traveled to France to provide donuts and other comforts to soldiers on the front lines. This annual celebration, observed on the first Friday of June, continues to honor the Donut Lassies’ legacy while bringing together people from all walks of life to indulge in the joy of donuts.

From national chains to local bakeries, everyone is joining the celebration. Whether you prefer the familiar taste of Dunkin’ or crave the artisanal creations of your local neighborhood bakery, there’s something for everyone. 

Major national chains such as Dunkin’, Krispy Kreme, Duck Donuts are partaking in the giving nature of this day.

At Dunkin’ locations across the country, customers can enjoy a complimentary classic donut of their choosing, while supplies last, when they purchase any beverage on Friday, June 2; while Krispy Kreme is offering a complimentary donut of your choice, no purchase necessary. Indulge in a wide selection of flavors, such as Banana Pudding, Chocolate Kreme Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Strawberries & Kreme. Additionally, if you purchase any dozen donuts, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to get a dozen original glazed donuts for only $2.

Duck Donut shops have also joined the party with a free cinnamon sugar donut on Friday, no purchase necessary.

Many participating establishments are even unveiling limited-edition flavors and creative combinations exclusively for the occasion. Whether it’s a decadent chocolate-filled donut, a fruity and tangy option, or a savory twist on a classic, this day provides an exciting chance to expand your palate and savor new taste sensations.

I leave you with one last sugary piece of advice: Make sure to verify the offerings and participation of your nearby donut establishments since they may vary depending on location. It is also advisable by various news organizations to check if registration for a rewards program is required to be eligible for donut deals.

Aside from that, take this opportunity to savor the joy and sweetness of National Donut Day, grab a box of donuts, celebrate this delectable holiday in true candied style: and don’t worry about calories!


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