NBA Playoff Predictions

  • Milwaukee Bucks vs Orlando Magic (8) Bucks win 4-2

The Milwaukee Bucks should have this one easily being the best regular season team in the NBA. I have the Bucks winning this one in 6 games. The Magic have a great defense and have guys who can pour it on when needed but Giannis Antetokpunmpo will be too much for them to handle

  • Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets (7) Raptors win 4-0

The Raptors will win this series in 4 games. I can pretty much guarantee it. The Raptors are so deep in anyway that any team would struggle. But a Nets team who is completely depleted and has no shot creators will not even get 1 game.

  • Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers (6) Celtics win 4-2

This is a good series but not great because of the absence of Ben Simmons for the 76ers. With no lockdown defender guarding Jayson Tatum,             I see the Celtics winning this series in 6 games with Joel Embid stealing 2 games

  • Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat (5) Heat win 4-1

This could either be a 5 game series or a 7 game series. The Heat are the clear favorites and with multiple injuries to the Pacers, the whole series relies on how TJ Warren plays and I do not expect him to have much success against Jimmy Butler. Heat in 5

  • Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat (5) Bucks win 4-3

Although the Milwaukee Bucks are overall a better team than the Heat in terms of talent, the Miami Heat match up with the Bucks better than anyone. They have multiple knockdown shooters, multiple versatile defenders, and a coach who can execute a great game plan. Giannis may be too much for the Heat but I see Miami losing this one in a close 7 game series.

  • Toronto Raptors vs Boston Celtics (3) Raptors win 4-3

This series could go either way. Both teams have great offenses, stifling defenses, star players, and elite coaching. If either team won this series I would be happy but because I have to make a prediction I will go with the Toronto Raptors in 7 games. The sole reason for that is Kyle Lowry. His leadership and intangibles are off the charts

  • Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors (2) Raptors win 4-2

Another great matchup that I have the Raptors winning. I just believe that they have a deep roster, championship experience, good coaching, and chemistry that the Bucks just do not have. Sure the Bucks have the MVP but in a 7 game series if Giannis is in trouble the Bucks are in deep trouble.

  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trailblazers (8) Lakers win 4-2

The Blazers would have been a top 4 seed had they been healthy all year but they were not and they come in as an eighth seed. This is no regular 8th seed. The Blazers will put up a fight but in the end, they won’t be a match for King Lebron James.

  • Los Angeles Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks (7) Clippers win 4-2

Luka Doncic and the Mavericks are a great team. But they are so young. Luke and Porzingis might already be a top 5 duo in the NBA but their lack of experience and a supporting cast will not be able to put away Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

  • Denver Nuggets vs Utah Jazz (6) Nuggets win 4-1

Without Michael Conley this series is a lot different. The Jazz will have to rely on Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert which will not be enough against a Denver Nuggets team that might be the deepest team in the NBA

  • Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets (5) Rockets win 4-2

The Thunder and Chris Paul have shocked everyone this year with their magnificent play. But in the playoffs I expect James Harden and Russell Westbrook to show out and go off. Rockets in 6. Expect Westbrook to put up monster numbers against his former team.

  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets (5) Lakers win 4-2

As much firepower as the Rockets have to throw at the Lakers, there is not one person on the Rockets defense who is big enough or skilled enough to guard Anthony Davis. The Lakers will win this series in 6 games and it will be mostly in part to Anthony Davis.

  • Los Angeles Clippers vs Denver Nuggets (3) Clippers win 4-3

This is a great, great, great matchup. Two incredibly deep teams with excellent coaching and excellent chemistry go head to head with no home-court advantage. Just because of Kawhi, I will say the Clippers win this series in 7 games but I would be not surprised at all if the Nuggets stole this series.

  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers (2) Lakers win 4-3

AHHH the battle of LA in Orlando? Yes this is the playoff series pretty much every NBA fan in the world wants to see. I mean Lebron James and Anthony Davis vs Kawhi Leonard and Paul George for the battle of LA and to see who gets to compete for an NBA championship? That sounds like a dream. I have the Lakers in 7 and for one reason only. Lebron James. Lebron has a massive chip on his shoulder and will not be denied a championship for the Lakers.

NBA Finals:

  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Toronto Raptors (2) Lakers win 4-2

If this happens, I think it would be a very competitive series. The Raptors have the depth and versatility to match up well with the Lakers but the Lakers have the star-power and shooting to beat the Raptors. But never doubt an MVP candidate in his 17th season almost averaged a triple-double at 35 years old and a career-high in assists.



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