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NBA Preseason Games Gives Us a Glimpse of New Look Teams

It is finally that time of the year for NBA fans to be excited because preseason started this week. The preseason isn’t necessarily that important as it functions more as a warmup period and a time for rookies, or late pickups, to demonstrate their skills and earn their spots in the lineup. With that being said, however, I couldn’t help but get excited about getting a preview of a couple of teams. I’m going to discuss how a couple of the teams who have made some significant changes looked in their preseason debuts.

  Firstly, I won’t be discussing the Nets and Lakers preseason game as essentially none of the starters, except Anthony Davis, played for either team. I will talk about Kyle Lowry and the Heat, though, because they looked great in their preseason game against the Hawks. All eyes were on Kyle Lowry, whose addition to the Heat roster seemed like a match made in heaven, and it was precisely that. The Heat last season was last in field goal attempts, but with this new offense with Kyle Lowry, it was made abundantly clear how his playmaking skill will impact the team. The Heat attempted over 40 field goals in the first half, a clear improvement from the team’s usual pace. The Heat overcame the Hawks’ lead with Tyler Herro’s 26 points. I expect to see Herro have a great bounce-back season after his disappointing sophomore outing.  

The next team I want to discuss is my dark horse in the East, the new-look Chicago Bulls. The Bulls made a lot of great moves this past offseason, and I was excited to see how they would look. Again, it’s only the preseason, but they looked so much better than they did in the previous season. The Bulls finally look like a fun team to watch, especially with their new core putting on a show for their home court. Zach Levine had a great game, and it almost looked like an effortless performance from him due to the players who were playing with him. Although they did look great, the team is still rough around the edges. Nikola Vucevic and DeMar DeRozan didn’t have the best game offensively. Despite this, the Bulls easily ran over the Cleveland Cavaliers in a blowout win. A highlight for me was an Alex Caruso alley to Lavine for a flashy dunk that made the arena erupt. You can expect to see a lot more of those this season from this team.


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