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Negron: No Matter How Big The Star Mark Wahlberg Is, He Is Always There For The Kids

I received a call from Hanks Yanks Charity Advisor Mike Walsh. He asked, if I could help out another worthwhile cause. It’s no secret that I attend many charity events. As poor as I am, I am lucky to give back in my own way. A lot of times your time is more valuable than your wallet.

A person that is able to do both is the great actor Mark Wahlberg. It seems that I am always running into Mark at one event or another, always helping the less privileged. I’m not friends with Mark Wahlberg but I like and admire him very much. It is heartwarming how many kids he has helped over the years even with his incredibly busy film schedule.

It seems that Mark comes in and does his thing with these charities, and like the Lone Ranger rides off into the sunset. When I have spoken to Mark he makes you feel like you’re the star. When we first met he mentioned how he loved the relationship that I had with George Steinbrenner. Mark is a big baseball fan, knows the game well and if he has one flaw it’s that he is a Giants-Red Sox fan (Joke.)

On December 7th, Mark and the Mark Wahlberg Foundation is hosting “Miracle Day” at the New York Trading Floor of the CIBC Bank. The event consists of traders donating their commissions from their entire days of trade.

Celebrities will hang out on the trading floor, take photos and speak to customers. For more information please contact MarkWahlbergYouthFoundation.com

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