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Netflix Original- The Cable Girls

The Cable Girls comes to an end after five heart racing seasons that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is the longest non-U.S. original series that has been so popular and most binged SVOD series in the world over its first week of release. This Spanish Netflix original is set in the early 1929 as Alba, a petty thief, timid country lass Marga, and upper- class flapper Carlota are hired as switchboard operators at Spain’s sole telephony company, in central Madrid.

The first four seasons of the series take place over the 1929-32, where Lidia becomes a cable girl by accident, taking another woman’s name to get the job to steal for a blackmailing police officer who hounds her to steal for him. As soon as she meets her new cable girlfriends, the four leading women coming from different backgrounds get acquainted and their trials, relationships and accomplishments are the center of the story. Through various kinds of troubles Lidia finds herself constantly torn between protecting her long-life love Francisco, Carlos or one of her new friends. This is a must watch series, empowering women, full of thrilling and dramatic scenes, that will make you laugh and weep through all the seasons as the characters take one new journey and obstacle that constantly puts them to test their loyalty and friendship.


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