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New Associated Press poll reveals the increasing divide among Americans towards Israel

Americans have grown increasingly divided over the Israeli government’s actions in Gaza, despite the overall strengthening of support post-October 7th, according to a poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research’s latest poll

The poll was conducted from November 2 to 6, with 1,239 adult participants from the AmeriSpeak Panel.

Previously in August, a poll determined that only 32% of Americans saw Israel as an ally. This changed following the October 7 attacks which increased that support to 44%. That said, 40% of Americans have criticized the Israeli military’s retaliation on Gaza, saying that it’s gone too far. 

The criticism is most notable from the Democratic party, and particularly its younger voters, which have grown increasingly more fractured over the conflict. According to the poll, 40% of US adults, 58% of Democrats, and 18% of Republicans think the Israeli military has gone overboard.

This contrasts the 38% of adults that see the Israeli military’s actions as good enough, and 18% that believe they didn’t go far enough.

However, only 36% said it’s extremely or very important to provide aid to Israel’s military to fight Hamas. And 40% of Americans said Israel’s military response in the Gaza Strip has gone too far. The Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip, which is run by Hamas, said 10,000 Palestinians have died from weeks of Israeli bombardment and a recent ground invasion.

Additionally, when asked about how the U.S. should follow its foreign policy stances on the conflict, around 63% saw it was important for the U.S. to help recover the hostages taken by Hamas, while 48% believed the U.S. should be preventing harm to Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration has seen heavy pushback on its handling of the situation. AP reported that 63% of Americans disapproved of Biden’s handling of the conflict, which coincides with the overall disproval rating of his presidency.

As the Israel-Hamas conflict continues, the divide among the American public will continue to grow. Not only amongst Republicans and Democrats but between generations.


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